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The goal of the IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology (SPMB) Symposium is to increase the synergy between signal processing research and biomedical engineering. Signal processing plays a vital role in applications ranging from simple measurement equipment to sophisticated devices such as prosthetics. Advances in small low power processors and wireless communications are enabling a new generation of implantable and wearable devices that will allow subjects to be continuously monitored and controlled. The enormous amounts of data that can be acquired from such devices are in turn supporting a new generation of machine learning technology based on big data principles.

The IEEE SPMB Symposium is a regional symposium intended to provide a forum where bioengineering and signal processing researchers can collaborate on emerging trends in signal processing. Topics range from algorithms for signal and image processing to electronics and systems for clinical applications. Student participation at both the graduate and undergraduate level is strongly encouraged.

The first symposium was held in 2011 at Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly). Since then, the symposium has been held annually in December in a single-day format that includes invited plenary talks, peer-reviewed papers and poster submissions intended to encourage graduate students to present research in progress. The symposium attendance is approximately 100 professionals providing an excellent intimate opportunity to interact in a multidisciplinary environment.

All abstracts and papers presented at the symposium since 2014 are indexed in IEEE Xplore. Search for keywords such as "IEEE SPMB" to review past papers.

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